Thursday, May 14, 2015

Home Security Lapses to Avoid

Some people may say home is where the heart is, and advances in technology help protect the place from break-ins; however, even with the most advanced technologies provided by London locksmiths, homeowners may have lapses that leave the place wide open. You can avoid that nightmare with some simple tips:
Having Hidden Keys
If you don’t want to deal with shuffling around for your keys in the middle of the night, having a key under your mat is the next best thing, right? However, expect that this will actually be the very first thing a burglar will be looking for.
Poorly Installed Deadbolts
You can invest in as many ‘modern’ locks as you can, but the truth is that the trusty deadbolt is still one of the most efficient anti-burglary devices for your door—that is, if it’s installed well. The problem is that many contractors overlook this very important element. It should be installed with a security plate with screws situated at least three inches into the wooden door frame.
Visible Valuables and Security
If you’re having an electronic security system installed, make sure that it’s out of sight of windows, because burglars might study how often and how long you are turning your system on and off, and work their way inside through that. Jewellery left out in the open are also too tempting, so unless you want to paint a giant bull’s-eye on your room, it’s best to keep your pearls out of sight.

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