Thursday, May 14, 2015

Discretion is the Key… Literally

It is the responsibility of every homeowner to never leave the house without a key, especially if they are living alone. When the unthinkable happens, the homeowner may be forced to break in.
That’s why it pays to have spare keys made by a certified locksmith in London. Yet, one spare key won’t be enough, particularly if you bring it along because it would be easy to misplace or lose it. Try to have a couple more keys made and place some in the most inconspicuous places in your front yard. The following places, based on a survey, are NOT the best hiding spots:
Garden gnomes
Under the doormat
Under rocks or stones
Garbage bins
Plant pots
It should be noted that thousands of burglaries in major cities in the U.K. involve the burglars finding the key. That’s why you have to be creative about where you choose your hiding spots. A good way of hiding would be to discourage the burglar from getting the key or making him identify the real from the fakes. The following are the best places to hide your spares.
Your dog (via a collar pouch), if you have one
A jar of dud keys, with the real one in a slightly different colour
Number combination key vaults
A wind chime made out of differently painted keys
These spare keys shouldn’t be a substitute for the key you carry around. Otherwise, someone might find out where you keep your spares.

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