Wednesday, March 11, 2015

London Locksmith Board-Up Services Help Prevent Loss of Valuable Items

It’s heart-breaking when something that means a lot to you gets stolen. That is how a 90-year-old widow in West London felt after burglars stole her late husband’s war medals, as reported in the online edition of ITV. A total of six naval World War II medals were taken. Some cash was stolen too, but the medals were definitely more precious to the widow as they were a reminder of her husband’s bravery and sacrifice during the war. In London, reported burglary cases in January, 2015 totalled 6,519, of which 4,547 were residential, and 1,972 were non-residential. Burglary was second only to Violence Against the Person as the top crime in the city. While the act is deplorable, it has to be said that burglaries are often successful due to the neglect of property-owners, who carelessly leave windows or doors open whilst they’re away from home; leave their keys in the mailbox; and similar practices that make it easy for burglars to have access to their homes.

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